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i dreamt of somebody... somebody i protected. till now i haven't seen the real her yet. the deamons in my dreams...

training had stopped... time to load as much carbohydrates into my body as possible. sat got to wake up at 4am for singapore biathlon. crap have to take e 1st bus and estimating to end up being 1/2 hr late for meeting with nigel at bedok.

my timing for my unofficial biathlon was 1hr 44min. kinda slow if u compared it to N team. khoo did it in 1hr 4min. erm... 40min difference is kinda a hell lot. but i believe i can do better for e promising water density and running with a slab of energy gel and plenty of water points. hope i dun get myself confused in e mess of humans chaos during e competition. 600ppl per flag off time... really cramped for ur info.

thanks mei(jessie) and vanessa for ur moral support. =) i determined to get 600th out of e 1200 males who participated in e race.

hmmm... been planning for my swim locations and stroking and hope i can increase my stride length for running w/o moving my MHR beyond my personalised aerobic rate (158-172 bpm). kinda trying to maximise my VO2Max efficiency... now my efficiency is rated good... erm barely good. hope i can push it to excellent grade.

this mon is e start of my exams... FCS on monday, ESD on wednesday and DAD on thursday... too soon man... DAD is e easiest so far... FCS is e opposite... how i wish e arrangement of e exams papers r e other way round.

fri is april's fool day. hope i can start work on tt day. world of sports is out, adidas too... now hope for a call from royal sporting house... they say they will call me on mon... actually can call tml but tml's good friday. haiz...

hmm... if i work in RSH then i will hasten my plan for my shoplist... 1st will be an entry-level triathlon bicycle($1690 w/o pedals now), then a computer upgrade and lastly a new hp. preferably an O2 mini. all thx 2 a reduction of pay count... from $7/hr to $5/hr or maybe $4.50/hr. and e shif prob not more than 6hrs a day unless u toking abt OT. also unlikely i guess.
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