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next lining up...

hmmm... given another shift for tue morning. 4 hrs for $18. aiyoh... actually tue i wanna go apply for LG job in coasta sands in east cost park den go canoeing alone for 2hrs b4 going for LS training in e evening. looks like i've got to delay it to wednesday... i wanna tan while canoeing... hope this wed e weather is good.

magnum photoshoot is cancelled again... lucky i haven't told my LS coach abt it. gotta pass my AM and SR if i want to get a job tt can earn fast, and yet is my kind of job.

missed runs, swim, canoeing n cycle... cuz of those inflexible timing in this job... alamak!
hmmm... talking abt my run i can mantain tt 6min++ timing for e 2.4km run le... gonna increase it to 5km for less than 15mins. swim also within 15min for 750m, n cycle 20km for 35min.

argh... tt competition is filling up on my mind e whole day... quan neng (triathlon) is someone translated for me in chinese.
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