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money issues (again)...

hmmm... spent 1st 2 days working in World of Sports in J8. not bad but i find it way too boring and unflexible timing... its like all are aunties or those ard 10 yrs older than me, and its either 1030 to 1900 or 1330 to 2200 or full shift. hmmm... hmm... calculated tt i could earn $160 in 4 days there. well looks like i'm gonna look for another one soon prob LG again but prob at east coast or sembawang (or is it admiralty?) navy camp... 

btw tt asian(in singapore) triathlon sprint registeration price is $68 for early birds (ends 30Apr). if later it'll become more expensive... still fricking expensive. probably because its asian standards... most probably end up competiting with foreigners... hmmm...

triathlon assoc. of SG Junior Training Scheme, i'm faster than their total time but slower in their swim part... still can qualify for their time trial. but their monthly fee is a bomb... $100 a mth. GAWD... it isn't cheap...

magnum AGM is coming soon, haiyo... gotta pay $45. OMG i'm getting broke after these... better get a higher paying plus flexible job asap.

Currently urgent buy list:
-1 multi-purpose thights
-4 Gatorade bottles
-2 durable n tight bottle cages for my bike
Total: abt $50
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