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life getting back on track, is it not?

training resumes... ran 5km and rest 1/2 hr before magnum training starts. indeed e PT part i've never felt so dead beat before. alot of ppl (esp juniors) 1st time noted how come muscleman had become so shacked. but that's a challenge i will put myself against, and there will e tougher ones ahead. take care of urself peline, rest more and u'll be fine for trainings =)

had dinner wif some of e guys at KAP after trainings, had a great talk with them and yea memories are flooding back. one of them is abt ice does produce "heat" hahaha... pauline offered me a lift in a taxi back home, well she lives near my place of course. thanks pau =)

now i'm aching all over but the new motto for singapore triathlon is: Forget Impossible, Forget Pain, Own the Challenge! and i will keep that in mind.

intended to tan today but e skies are overcast... have to wait for monday when e UV index is 11, highest is 12, and today's 10.

read anting's blog, she mentioned whether she would like to join NYAA. i'm also interested it since last year but i wasn't bothered abit its system so i delayed till now, and its too late for gold but still can take on silver as i'm left with 1 year of school. probably i will join it for this coming semester to increase my chances of entering OCS during NS. officer cadet school.

and yea... edmund (one of e lecturer) asked me and alan once before (we r e only 2 cheer and dance team ppl with triathlon experience) whether we should join him with his swim team plus track & field guys to form a triathlon club. well i've no prob but i'll have to wait till i get my $1300 triathlon bike 1st.

went to hang ten HQ at s'goon north(near bowen sec =P) and had my interview there. applied for temporary cust svc associates(1.5mths) well frm that i can earn at least $1200 if there's no distraction. well... short of $100 for tt bike but i'll try to bargain, and in case can't then i'll borrow some from my dad.

so now i got 3 calls left, world of sports, sportslink, and hang ten. i also intend to try bossini later.
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