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money problems still unresolved...

hmmm... seems like they din call me. gonna reduce my expectation of my job... promoter... i haven't tried. hope tt dosen't gives me a headache.

saw a 2nd hand triathlon bike online, all e parts have been modified to my likes, at $1300. what a steal... hope this bike stays unsold for 2 mths. otherwise gonna aim at tt modified racer bike with all e fav parts at $820. if i buy e latter i have to modify e handlebars and e seatpost and the wheelset.

tml gonna call them for promoter job, otherwise i'll work for subway with OT... haha since subway needs ppl now.

oh yea... abt my tan... shit its getting fairer... plus e recent wet weathers... can't tan at all... damn. maybe tml i go to swim early and tan and wait for them for e AM training.

hmm... looks like i gotta miss 2 mths of tuesday magnum trainings for e AM trainings.

oh yea... today's resting heart rate is e lowest in 2 yrs record. 45bpm, wow my heart haven't been so fit for so long. my target is 40bpm by june.

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