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treadmill... as my pacer for e run

hmmm... ran an inclined treadmill for 10km and it took me a freaking 1hr 20min to complete. anyway its inclined afterall... my target is 50min for that. hope i can reach that by june.

bought a new pair of percussion sticks meant for 5A rock. its thicker than my old 7A jazz sticks. and it sounded more powerful and higher atack sounding. but e problem is e cross-stick beat sounded too harsh and solid. i would rather a mellow and hollow cross-stick beat. well tt's rock so gotta accept tt fact.

one thing i wanna buy after e triathlon is a heart rate monitor watch to track my heart rate and VO2 Max while running so i can train my run effectively. can be used for cycling too =) hmmm... nike real run, new balance coporate triathlon, 2nd link run, singapore vertical marathon, and finally standard charted full marathon.
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