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post-exam syndrome...

Terri S. dead... Went through a hard death by using stravation. Y is this so... might as well to use a lethal injection to speed up and reduce her suffering to by minutes instead of nearly a forthnight.

hmmm... about buying a bike i think i came to a conclusion. getting this Trek 1000 for $1000. I'll use this setup for my trainings. and later if i got enuff spare cash then i'll upgrade for another $300, another $500, and another $600. they (respectively) are aero-bars and forward seatpost, racing wheels and tyres, and shimano 105 gearset groupos except for wheel hubs. I'll try my best to earn for e 1st 2 set of upgrades before my competition.

aye... haven't been training since last week... why is this weather bringing me back... better train despite bad weathers...

I've decided to go competitively for OSIM Singapore Triathlon '05. saw e schedule for Sprint half triathlon, its on this coming 2nd july. venue is e same as singspore biathlon in east coast. my 1st training is my swim... have to go fast... target is <15mins for 750m swim. for run also <15min for 5km run. for cycle i'm not very sure... probably once a week cycle fast to downtown east to NP and back home at yishun. probably e distance covered will be around 80km(yup 1 medium size round around singapore). other days cycle to school and back home which is 20km(race day distance) each.

went for interview at RSH and orchid country club for retail shop sales and banquet staffs... hope both sides will call me so i can reach my target easier...
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