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after singapore biathlon, 3 blisters (1 gargantuan), aching back and legs. hmmm... everything seem so slack after e race. soon after my exams i'll be training for OSIM Singapore Triathlon Asian Championships '05, which will probably be held in mid july. i believe i can improve and reach tt target in after 2 mths time. hmmm... hope my job can earn me $2000 in 2 mths, aiming at this triathlon bike Giant TCR Aero 2. $1980 + bottle cages and reflectors = $2k

exams... FCS over, hope i can pass it. ESD, man i haven't finish studying and it on tml morning. got to rush it. DAD's on thu, morning too...

next week buy list is a nike running top, $40+ and after tt i'll try my best by not gonna spend anything until i get my bike...

oh yea... e running top singapore biathlon '05 gave was nice at e back only. e front says "amphibians only" tt's all... no graphics or stating singapore biathlon... wadeva la... veterans open top was much better with e logo and words singapore biathlon on e upper left. hope next yr's will be better.

my AM test will prob due end of april, after tt i'll work with juraimi n paramesh in sembawang navy base as a LG. haha... again... can't help it as e pay there's somehow better. and plus no more E&A tests... =)

looks like i'm starting to lose my tan... gonna find a way to tan back after exams while not wasting time...
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