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Man of honor

watched tt movie "man of honor". it reminds me back way 3 yrs ago... my sec 4 days with sun woo. we wanted to be naval divers a.k.a frogmen of singapore. we hanged ard e fitness corner on every recess just to do workouts there. climbed poles, ropes and sit on top of monkey bars. did treasure hunts too... just like what traditional divers do. haha... missed those days. well... this sat we'll meet again for singapore biathlon. can't wait to see how much we improved... the days of challenges are back =)

yea... in e bus today i watched a show abt grandpa... basically its e old singapore style(60's) grandad who plays with his son, protects him, and lives with him... reminds me of them... and how much i missed them... but they will always be in my memories.

ASNF and never gives up.

*ASNF means "A son never forgets" =) well in those traditional US divers terms...
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