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moved... [23 Apr 2005|07:29pm]
moved due to some complains being slow... http://sanji.321.cn
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injured... [20 Apr 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

been so long i haven't injured myself... now i'm getting 8 scratches (8, is it lucky?), 2 are serious (one need 2 stiches but i refused), and one of them is an internal injury on my right knee patella (can't squat without excruciating pain).

hmm... i haven't described abt why i got injured. its part of my self training regime, the 100km cycling part. i was supposed to cycle from my place to pasir ris, to NP and to woodlands before going back home. but i got injured at e 70km part, just b4 NP where there's a long narrow pothole.

hmmm... my front wheel got stucked there and i was sent flying like a layout with my bike. did crouching in mid air to soften my landing and stretch my limbs out after landing to roll so i can reduce e injuries. amazingly my bike suffered no damages that will affect its performance. only its left handlebar grip was badly scratched. but i'm badly scratched and injured (refer top). after that i sat on e grass sidewalk of e road n recover. then i went to e nearby car shop n wash myself up n go to a restaurant and get some plasters to cover up my wounds.

went to NP n got to magnum clubhouse and waited for jessilym to open e clubhouse door (weicai was there too), took out a medic kit and did self treatment since they don't know how 2 deal with cuts. i did that countless of times when i used to work in www. well it was pretty hard at 1st as e alcohol swabs are painful on e big wounds but went numb later on (thats what i wanted). when they got numb i did further cleaning on it them then i cover them with plasters, big cut on my arm with big plaster and my knee with gauze n tape. took my late lunch after that then i rest for a while and i saw edmund (a lecturer who asked me to join triathlon club). hmm... he was kinda surprised tt i was injured. told him tt it was a pothole tt caused it then he nodded and left. on my way back (last 30km) was rejunivating but my cuts bled again cuz i was using force on those cuts.

bathed at home to clean myself n e wounds again (ouch they hurt badly). had a hard time bathing =( skipped magnum training since i'm injured, interview postponed to tomorrow morning. swim and run (except light jogging) will resume next week when e big cuts have closed up. cycling have to wait till e following week. anyway before cycling i have to replace 3 handlebar grips, one on left, other on right, another on aerobars. tomorrow gonna buy a new pair of tights cuz my current was torn due to e accident.

the main prob now is how am i gonna explain to my parents. i'm afraid that they will ban me from cycling. they are at work now, my mom will reach home soon, dad will reach later after midnight. crap...

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next lining up... [18 Apr 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | crazy ]

hmmm... given another shift for tue morning. 4 hrs for $18. aiyoh... actually tue i wanna go apply for LG job in coasta sands in east cost park den go canoeing alone for 2hrs b4 going for LS training in e evening. looks like i've got to delay it to wednesday... i wanna tan while canoeing... hope this wed e weather is good.

magnum photoshoot is cancelled again... lucky i haven't told my LS coach abt it. gotta pass my AM and SR if i want to get a job tt can earn fast, and yet is my kind of job.

missed runs, swim, canoeing n cycle... cuz of those inflexible timing in this job... alamak!
hmmm... talking abt my run i can mantain tt 6min++ timing for e 2.4km run le... gonna increase it to 5km for less than 15mins. swim also within 15min for 750m, n cycle 20km for 35min.

argh... tt competition is filling up on my mind e whole day... quan neng (triathlon) is someone translated for me in chinese.

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money issues (again)... [17 Apr 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | crappy ]

hmmm... spent 1st 2 days working in World of Sports in J8. not bad but i find it way too boring and unflexible timing... its like all are aunties or those ard 10 yrs older than me, and its either 1030 to 1900 or 1330 to 2200 or full shift. hmmm... hmm... calculated tt i could earn $160 in 4 days there. well looks like i'm gonna look for another one soon prob LG again but prob at east coast or sembawang (or is it admiralty?) navy camp... 

btw tt asian(in singapore) triathlon sprint registeration price is $68 for early birds (ends 30Apr). if later it'll become more expensive... still fricking expensive. probably because its asian standards... most probably end up competiting with foreigners... hmmm...

triathlon assoc. of SG Junior Training Scheme, i'm faster than their total time but slower in their swim part... still can qualify for their time trial. but their monthly fee is a bomb... $100 a mth. GAWD... it isn't cheap...

magnum AGM is coming soon, haiyo... gotta pay $45. OMG i'm getting broke after these... better get a higher paying plus flexible job asap.

Currently urgent buy list:
-1 multi-purpose thights
-4 Gatorade bottles
-2 durable n tight bottle cages for my bike
Total: abt $50

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stupid drivers with no brains... [15 Apr 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | tired ]

kns... i'm cycling down bedok reservoir rd when suddenly a lorry took over me just to enter tt carpark on e left. i'm cycling at abt 40km/h n can't u slow down(anyway lorry making a 90 deg turn will overturn at high speeds)? damn u forced me to e-brake n make a hard-turn alongside with u. i could felt my arms are rubbing on ur lorry's paintwork n i got a scratch... u r lucky tt i nv remember ur car plate.

another one. i was aero-gliding down jalan kayu road n this lorry abt 40m in front of me stopped for no reason n i'm travelling faster than 60km/hr couldn't brake in time n i have 2 overtake 20cm away left of u... almost lost my balance... knn

anyway's i intended to cycle 70km today but due to some complications including lost my way, and water and food supply was depleted, i have to cycle tt 60km route... but if i include my way lost in e roads then it'll be 65km. afterall its not bad.... 3hrs 10mins with traffic.

hmmm.. on e last 15km my whole handle bar tilted down... can't use tt aero-position anymore... waste my precious time to cycle back slowly than aero-positioning. fixed it at cheap john's(where i bought my bike at) in sembawang before going back home.

hmm... at home was a rush btw... cuz i'm 20min behind scheduled time. bathe, eat n gone for magnum training... lucky i'm not late. today did e same as ytd but include 360 twist elevator. hmm... haven't done tt for mths n i ended up using too much power on blasting it tt my flyer literately flew off my hands even with grip. n once i did a perfect 1 but ash couldn't catch it so roc pushed him aside n took over him on my extension 360 and landed an elevator on us. tt moment b4 i looked up was ash, n later i looked to front was roc... i was shocked... haha nice magic show man...

after training we went to al ahmeen to have dinner... so long nv go there eat le... but fun le... too bad mei didn't join us... but u came down to pei us after ur dinner... so gan dong sia... =) after dinner saw cinderine n aloysius having dinner near al ahmeen... omg so qiao arh... ah, felt so tired now... gtg slp. nitez =0 yawnz~

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forgotten pain, just train on... [14 Apr 2005|11:53am]
[ mood | blah ]

been cycling quite alot recently... 1st day is 20km, 2nd day is 40km... today will be 70km. =) slowly i will reach tt whopping ironman 180km distance. hmmm... i haven't touched swimming for this week... better swim 1.5km tml before work tml.

bought my semi aero racer/TT Giant OCR 3 '05 at $890. added an aqua rack for $50 and an aerobar for $85. totalled exceeding $1000. and by 1st july i got to upgrade the wheelset and tyre to race standards for $480, by then my bike will cost $1500.

ytd training wif e juniors was nice... did ground up extended lib, moving elevator extension double take, and pryamid. not much prob... mei u have to trust urself otherwise u will have a hard time improving.

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life getting back on track, is it not? [10 Apr 2005|01:16am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

training resumes... ran 5km and rest 1/2 hr before magnum training starts. indeed e PT part i've never felt so dead beat before. alot of ppl (esp juniors) 1st time noted how come muscleman had become so shacked. but that's a challenge i will put myself against, and there will e tougher ones ahead. take care of urself peline, rest more and u'll be fine for trainings =)

had dinner wif some of e guys at KAP after trainings, had a great talk with them and yea memories are flooding back. one of them is abt ice does produce "heat" hahaha... pauline offered me a lift in a taxi back home, well she lives near my place of course. thanks pau =)

now i'm aching all over but the new motto for singapore triathlon is: Forget Impossible, Forget Pain, Own the Challenge! and i will keep that in mind.

intended to tan today but e skies are overcast... have to wait for monday when e UV index is 11, highest is 12, and today's 10.

read anting's blog, she mentioned whether she would like to join NYAA. i'm also interested it since last year but i wasn't bothered abit its system so i delayed till now, and its too late for gold but still can take on silver as i'm left with 1 year of school. probably i will join it for this coming semester to increase my chances of entering OCS during NS. officer cadet school.

and yea... edmund (one of e lecturer) asked me and alan once before (we r e only 2 cheer and dance team ppl with triathlon experience) whether we should join him with his swim team plus track & field guys to form a triathlon club. well i've no prob but i'll have to wait till i get my $1300 triathlon bike 1st.

went to hang ten HQ at s'goon north(near bowen sec =P) and had my interview there. applied for temporary cust svc associates(1.5mths) well frm that i can earn at least $1200 if there's no distraction. well... short of $100 for tt bike but i'll try to bargain, and in case can't then i'll borrow some from my dad.

so now i got 3 calls left, world of sports, sportslink, and hang ten. i also intend to try bossini later.

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cold life... [07 Apr 2005|12:11am]
[ mood | cold ]

hmmm... crap that promoter job indeed belongs to JDL. i swear to the heavens that i will never work for them ever. well... e 1st day i've already quitted. haha. well.. tt means i'm jobless now. really miss those days in www, the fun and stuffs. plus e gd pay for e LG. haha. tml junlong and i r going 2 sportslink and world of sports (me going there again to claim back my probation). and maybe this weekend i'll call fullerton hotel again. i believe sportslink and world of sports pay is $4.50/hr and fullerton hotel is always $6/hr.

hmmm... how to earn $1300 in 6 weeks? lots of OT will do. but will they give OT to newcomers? i don't think so...hence, i would like to work for world of sports n sportslink in e morning to afternoon while fullerton hotel will be 5pm to 1130pm.

i've been slacking alot, i want work sia... plus i haven't tan yet due to job hunting. haiz... after nigel's long abscence i felt so cold, i could say he is e one who changed my life alot, he made me so enthu on multi-sports and outdoor sports. plus more activities initiated by him. and yea huiping, haven't talked to u for so long, i feel so alone. nobody to share feelings with...

tue's AM training, corliss, dun worry much abt me. i know that u r trying 2 keep me afloat but just pull me along will do. i will find a way to make myself afloat by myself. and abt drinking of water, aiyah nvm la... i know how 2 manage those water in my mouth.
did 1 man CPR. hmmm haven't read up and haven't done e correct one for months, and now i've been corrected. will do e perfect one next time.

connie... don't get angry about tt harsh words i said to u last week, real sorry lots. but now we're left with aloysius, august, u, ur sis, corliss n i for e trainings. nigel has went back to his previous instructor. miss him lots...

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money problems still unresolved... [05 Apr 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

hmmm... seems like they din call me. gonna reduce my expectation of my job... promoter... i haven't tried. hope tt dosen't gives me a headache.

saw a 2nd hand triathlon bike online, all e parts have been modified to my likes, at $1300. what a steal... hope this bike stays unsold for 2 mths. otherwise gonna aim at tt modified racer bike with all e fav parts at $820. if i buy e latter i have to modify e handlebars and e seatpost and the wheelset.

tml gonna call them for promoter job, otherwise i'll work for subway with OT... haha since subway needs ppl now.

oh yea... abt my tan... shit its getting fairer... plus e recent wet weathers... can't tan at all... damn. maybe tml i go to swim early and tan and wait for them for e AM training.

hmm... looks like i gotta miss 2 mths of tuesday magnum trainings for e AM trainings.

oh yea... today's resting heart rate is e lowest in 2 yrs record. 45bpm, wow my heart haven't been so fit for so long. my target is 40bpm by june.

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treadmill... as my pacer for e run [04 Apr 2005|01:01am]
[ mood | calm ]

hmmm... ran an inclined treadmill for 10km and it took me a freaking 1hr 20min to complete. anyway its inclined afterall... my target is 50min for that. hope i can reach that by june.

bought a new pair of percussion sticks meant for 5A rock. its thicker than my old 7A jazz sticks. and it sounded more powerful and higher atack sounding. but e problem is e cross-stick beat sounded too harsh and solid. i would rather a mellow and hollow cross-stick beat. well tt's rock so gotta accept tt fact.

one thing i wanna buy after e triathlon is a heart rate monitor watch to track my heart rate and VO2 Max while running so i can train my run effectively. can be used for cycling too =) hmmm... nike real run, new balance coporate triathlon, 2nd link run, singapore vertical marathon, and finally standard charted full marathon.

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backache =( [02 Apr 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

now its hurtin... especially on my upper back. it started last month training for e biathlon. today did 750m swim in 17mins... not bad, but still needs 3 more mins of improvement at least. after e swim my back hurts again... wonder what kind of backache is tt...

i'm still feeling impatient for their calls... OCC and RSH. damn...

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I'm a female? [02 Apr 2005|01:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Your Brain is 73.33% Female, 26.67% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

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post-exam syndrome... [02 Apr 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Terri S. dead... Went through a hard death by using stravation. Y is this so... might as well to use a lethal injection to speed up and reduce her suffering to by minutes instead of nearly a forthnight.

hmmm... about buying a bike i think i came to a conclusion. getting this Trek 1000 for $1000. I'll use this setup for my trainings. and later if i got enuff spare cash then i'll upgrade for another $300, another $500, and another $600. they (respectively) are aero-bars and forward seatpost, racing wheels and tyres, and shimano 105 gearset groupos except for wheel hubs. I'll try my best to earn for e 1st 2 set of upgrades before my competition.

aye... haven't been training since last week... why is this weather bringing me back... better train despite bad weathers...

I've decided to go competitively for OSIM Singapore Triathlon '05. saw e schedule for Sprint half triathlon, its on this coming 2nd july. venue is e same as singspore biathlon in east coast. my 1st training is my swim... have to go fast... target is <15mins for 750m swim. for run also <15min for 5km run. for cycle i'm not very sure... probably once a week cycle fast to downtown east to NP and back home at yishun. probably e distance covered will be around 80km(yup 1 medium size round around singapore). other days cycle to school and back home which is 20km(race day distance) each.

went for interview at RSH and orchid country club for retail shop sales and banquet staffs... hope both sides will call me so i can reach my target easier...

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nothing better to do [31 Mar 2005|12:18am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

crazy tt i'm awake now. tml morning's DAD exam. what am i doing now? aye... got 2 earn $2500 in 3 mths... gotta make use of my 1 mth holidays earn as much as possible. $2000 for e bike, $500 for a loan repayment frm my dad.

biathlon pics are out. was admiring at mine... tink mine looks e best among all in e www gang... so action-packed. most hardworking pics goes to khoo... he ran until his facial expression turned haywire, like armagaddon's coming. e most relaxed goes to juraimee, he dosen't look tired at all, and he dosen't opens his mouth to breathe... omg... and to think his timing is like... 1 hr 56 mins... tt's very fast for such an expression.

*check out http://www.sportsphotox.com under NAVY Biathlon 2005.
type my name in e text box and search mine, but one of them is wrongly placed... e correct one is in e "unidentified participants" link, page 40, 2nd from top-left.

yesterday bought a pair of wristbands (blue & green) from standard chartered bank in woodlands civic plaza. its meant for a charity like LAF's "LiveStrong"(cancer) but its for e blind campaign called "seeing is believing" backed by e ex-olympian gold medalist runner Henry. he lost his sight one day after his sleep for an unknown reason.

*if it were u will u get freaked out in e morning, just when u wake up cannot see anything at all?

checked out e minimum timing required for national triathlon time trial to represent singapore for my adult category.

1.5km swim = ~20mins (have to improve another 20mins, mine is fairly slow and i don't know why)
10km run = ~40mins (just to improve another 10mins, easy huh? but my aim is 30mins =P)

or in any other combinations in less than 50min

hmmm... its already past midnight... gtg sleep. nites to anyone who is reading it =D

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reflections [29 Mar 2005|11:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

after singapore biathlon, 3 blisters (1 gargantuan), aching back and legs. hmmm... everything seem so slack after e race. soon after my exams i'll be training for OSIM Singapore Triathlon Asian Championships '05, which will probably be held in mid july. i believe i can improve and reach tt target in after 2 mths time. hmmm... hope my job can earn me $2000 in 2 mths, aiming at this triathlon bike http://www.taycycle.com.sg/bike_giant_tcraero.htm Giant TCR Aero 2. $1980 + bottle cages and reflectors = $2k

exams... FCS over, hope i can pass it. ESD, man i haven't finish studying and it on tml morning. got to rush it. DAD's on thu, morning too...

next week buy list is a nike running top, $40+ and after tt i'll try my best by not gonna spend anything until i get my bike...

oh yea... e running top singapore biathlon '05 gave was nice at e back only. e front says "amphibians only" tt's all... no graphics or stating singapore biathlon... wadeva la... veterans open top was much better with e logo and words singapore biathlon on e upper left. hope next yr's will be better.

my AM test will prob due end of april, after tt i'll work with juraimi n paramesh in sembawang navy base as a LG. haha... again... can't help it as e pay there's somehow better. and plus no more E&A tests... =)

looks like i'm starting to lose my tan... gonna find a way to tan back after exams while not wasting time...

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singapore biathlon '05 [27 Mar 2005|01:29am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

practically sucks la... deproved le

anyway its an experience to enjoy and to learn. made certain major mistakes. and certain parts i shld have improved on.

swim time :       59min 01sec
run time :          1hr 2min 38sec
transition time : 01min 13sec
total time :        2hr 02min 52sec

advantages i have:

1)seawater makes me float easily, hence better hydrodynamic effiencicy and less panics
2)plenty of pacers around


1)of e 3 parts of e swim, e 2nd has a direct current pushing me backwards, and its e longest of e 3 parts
2)drinks lots of seawater
3)hot sun
4)slopes appear at unexpected places

mistakes i've made so far:

1)swam freestlye all e way when i know my freestyle isn't str8 (got 1 part i swarm 500m excessively)
2)relax n c wad is going on in e sea instead of concentrating on swim
3)did not wear socks (end up blisters one 5th km, broken on e 6th km)
4)trusing e water points (water points not far apart but water is too little and 6km onwards water supply is gone)
5)wear hard to dry tshirt for run on a hot morning

things to improve or change on for e next time:

1)every 10-20 strokes of freestyle, change to breaststoke to check my course of direction before going back to freestyle and repeat over and over again
2)concentrate on swim and not abt others in e sea
3)include socks for run
4)bring your own waistpouch for water bottles
5)wear cooling, bright and sweat transfer tshirt like dri-fit
6)bring more istonic drinks and store at least 2 of them in my bag unopened, and 2 for race.
7)bring an umbrella in case it rains after e event
8)maybe include an mp3 player for e run (optional)

after e comp i felt dizzy then extreme aching on e calfs tt i couldn't stand from sitting position. need 2 pull myself up. walking was a chore. queing for goodies bag is long. but i felt so much more accomplished than before. juraimi asked me abt e stinging pains while swimming. it isn't tt painful so i assume its sea worms bite. can't be e spores frm seaweeds as e pain last for minutes to hours only. as for e seaweeds e pains would last for days.

and yea... all my sch swim team peeps din win me... haha. but i'm e last peep in www. =( i believe my removing my mistakes i can improve alot and maybe beat them. khoo will be my ultimate target as he is 1/2hr faster than me for overall timing.

time to train my run up to 30km by july, while increasing my speed for 10km. after trained on track, it time to train on roadside terrian so tt i can taper myself for e actual competition.

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Man of honor [25 Mar 2005|12:56am]
[ mood | pleased ]

watched tt movie "man of honor". it reminds me back way 3 yrs ago... my sec 4 days with sun woo. we wanted to be naval divers a.k.a frogmen of singapore. we hanged ard e fitness corner on every recess just to do workouts there. climbed poles, ropes and sit on top of monkey bars. did treasure hunts too... just like what traditional divers do. haha... missed those days. well... this sat we'll meet again for singapore biathlon. can't wait to see how much we improved... the days of challenges are back =)

yea... in e bus today i watched a show abt grandpa... basically its e old singapore style(60's) grandad who plays with his son, protects him, and lives with him... reminds me of them... and how much i missed them... but they will always be in my memories.

ASNF and never gives up.

*ASNF means "A son never forgets" =) well in those traditional US divers terms...

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demons... [24 Mar 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i dreamt of somebody... somebody i protected. till now i haven't seen the real her yet. the deamons in my dreams...

training had stopped... time to load as much carbohydrates into my body as possible. sat got to wake up at 4am for singapore biathlon. crap have to take e 1st bus and estimating to end up being 1/2 hr late for meeting with nigel at bedok.

my timing for my unofficial biathlon was 1hr 44min. kinda slow if u compared it to N team. khoo did it in 1hr 4min. erm... 40min difference is kinda a hell lot. but i believe i can do better for e promising water density and running with a slab of energy gel and plenty of water points. hope i dun get myself confused in e mess of humans chaos during e competition. 600ppl per flag off time... really cramped for ur info.

thanks mei(jessie) and vanessa for ur moral support. =) i determined to get 600th out of e 1200 males who participated in e race.

hmmm... been planning for my swim locations and stroking and hope i can increase my stride length for running w/o moving my MHR beyond my personalised aerobic rate (158-172 bpm). kinda trying to maximise my VO2Max efficiency... now my efficiency is rated good... erm barely good. hope i can push it to excellent grade.

this mon is e start of my exams... FCS on monday, ESD on wednesday and DAD on thursday... too soon man... DAD is e easiest so far... FCS is e opposite... how i wish e arrangement of e exams papers r e other way round.

fri is april's fool day. hope i can start work on tt day. world of sports is out, adidas too... now hope for a call from royal sporting house... they say they will call me on mon... actually can call tml but tml's good friday. haiz...

hmm... if i work in RSH then i will hasten my plan for my shoplist... 1st will be an entry-level triathlon bicycle($1690 w/o pedals now), then a computer upgrade and lastly a new hp. preferably an O2 mini. all thx 2 a reduction of pay count... from $7/hr to $5/hr or maybe $4.50/hr. and e shif prob not more than 6hrs a day unless u toking abt OT. also unlikely i guess.

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competitions [13 Mar 2005|11:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

SYCC duathlon challenge, not bad at 1st try. was within e top 15 out of e 52 guys (excluding gals). timing was 58min and 40sec. anyway none of e gals over took me so i'm safe =P well e race consist of 2.4km run => 14km cycle => 2.4km run . yea i tink i can excel in cycling as e part where i, being e cyclist, overtook 20+ guys... lol from behind ended up overtaking all those kiasu runners who were at e front. but again, e feeling of overtaking was exhilarating. hahaha... and e funny part is tt i all e cyclist in front of me are using racer-alike bikes while those behind me are those mountain bikers. well looks like i'm e fastest mountain biker around, too bad i don't have a racer bike, else i'm gonna overtake those plenty ahead of me. prob ending up in top 10 or 5... wahahaha...

went to suntec for cheerobics finals. as usual, magnum won. e 5th time in a row. next yr i'll be there man. gonna rock e world hek. while searching for a nice spot there, i accidently stumbled onto meiqi. she's still as cute as before... oops. still wearing jolin's fashion style haha... well... she's seem to get closer to me than before. later realised tt she's single now... wad happened before i don't know. and oh ya... she's 2 years older than me... oopz. along e way we had too much to talk... din finish our talk, even on our way home =( as usual like last year since we knew each other. and while walking ard caryn punched me on e stomach... ouch... din saw her... wow looks like plenty of ppl whom i haven't saw for a long time are back =)

oh yea... my new oakley wiretap specs is real tight and my ears kinda sore... maybe soon it'll get used to it. and e lens i love it, today i tried n it indeed turned into a sunglass under bright sun.

saw my 1st dream road bike which is realistic. Kona Jake full bicycle set ($1300), replace tyres to Tioga City Slicker Pro ($70). probably less than $1370 as e original tyre is Nokian Ravagozzi Cross. i want it for riding it on road, not on dirt trails, so yea tt's it and it should weigh 11kg max.

but 1st before buying a bike is to upgrade my computer... argh... so long le haven't upgraded. ended up buying other stuffs 1st.

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what's today? [11 Mar 2005|11:27pm]
today... FCS, seemed to catched up on it... this mon is my last day of labs. lectures n tutorials are pratically over... hurray to the great! bought a helmet, went to PJC today.

met up with charlene and her usual gang of gals frm PJC (oops i'm e only guy she invited, not from PJC somemore) to PJC for e talentnite. its our 2nd time being there. anyway my condolence upon hearing ur passed away grandma. i know how it feels as i lost two granddads last yr, jessie n irin lost their grandma a few mths back. real sad times... tears did flowed, dun luff at me hor...

oh ya... talentnite was great, better than last yr anyways. got a band sang n played "wu ding" somemore... pianist, drummist, guitarist n both diff sex singers... too bad short of a violinist but yet sweet =) got ex PJians who are now singers who have their band with CDS in HMV, are invited to sing some of their songs live... tt's so great =)

recently bought some old greatest hits cds frm westlife, backstreet boys, 98 degrees and blue. still short of A1 =(

i'm getting poor now... shit... Ich nead work! (i need to work in german). Junlong got lobang for 2 days only but i can't cuz its tml and this sun... i got duathlon... awww. anyway i prefer a more stable job but pay shld be ard $5... not used to e sudden drop of pay haiz =(
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