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SYCC duathlon challenge, not bad at 1st try. was within e top 15 out of e 52 guys (excluding gals). timing was 58min and 40sec. anyway none of e gals over took me so i'm safe =P well e race consist of 2.4km run => 14km cycle => 2.4km run . yea i tink i can excel in cycling as e part where i, being e cyclist, overtook 20+ guys... lol from behind ended up overtaking all those kiasu runners who were at e front. but again, e feeling of overtaking was exhilarating. hahaha... and e funny part is tt i all e cyclist in front of me are using racer-alike bikes while those behind me are those mountain bikers. well looks like i'm e fastest mountain biker around, too bad i don't have a racer bike, else i'm gonna overtake those plenty ahead of me. prob ending up in top 10 or 5... wahahaha...

went to suntec for cheerobics finals. as usual, magnum won. e 5th time in a row. next yr i'll be there man. gonna rock e world hek. while searching for a nice spot there, i accidently stumbled onto meiqi. she's still as cute as before... oops. still wearing jolin's fashion style haha... well... she's seem to get closer to me than before. later realised tt she's single now... wad happened before i don't know. and oh ya... she's 2 years older than me... oopz. along e way we had too much to talk... din finish our talk, even on our way home =( as usual like last year since we knew each other. and while walking ard caryn punched me on e stomach... ouch... din saw her... wow looks like plenty of ppl whom i haven't saw for a long time are back =)

oh yea... my new oakley wiretap specs is real tight and my ears kinda sore... maybe soon it'll get used to it. and e lens i love it, today i tried n it indeed turned into a sunglass under bright sun.

saw my 1st dream road bike which is realistic. Kona Jake full bicycle set ($1300), replace tyres to Tioga City Slicker Pro ($70). probably less than $1370 as e original tyre is Nokian Ravagozzi Cross. i want it for riding it on road, not on dirt trails, so yea tt's it and it should weigh 11kg max.

but 1st before buying a bike is to upgrade my computer... argh... so long le haven't upgraded. ended up buying other stuffs 1st.
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