mUsC|3mAn (l0v3m0nk) wrote,

what's today?

today... FCS, seemed to catched up on it... this mon is my last day of labs. lectures n tutorials are pratically over... hurray to the great! bought a helmet, went to PJC today.

met up with charlene and her usual gang of gals frm PJC (oops i'm e only guy she invited, not from PJC somemore) to PJC for e talentnite. its our 2nd time being there. anyway my condolence upon hearing ur passed away grandma. i know how it feels as i lost two granddads last yr, jessie n irin lost their grandma a few mths back. real sad times... tears did flowed, dun luff at me hor...

oh ya... talentnite was great, better than last yr anyways. got a band sang n played "wu ding" somemore... pianist, drummist, guitarist n both diff sex singers... too bad short of a violinist but yet sweet =) got ex PJians who are now singers who have their band with CDS in HMV, are invited to sing some of their songs live... tt's so great =)

recently bought some old greatest hits cds frm westlife, backstreet boys, 98 degrees and blue. still short of A1 =(

i'm getting poor now... shit... Ich nead work! (i need to work in german). Junlong got lobang for 2 days only but i can't cuz its tml and this sun... i got duathlon... awww. anyway i prefer a more stable job but pay shld be ard $5... not used to e sudden drop of pay haiz =(
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