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been so long i haven't injured myself... now i'm getting 8 scratches (8, is it lucky?), 2 are serious (one need 2 stiches but i refused), and one of them is an internal injury on my right knee patella (can't squat without excruciating pain).

hmm... i haven't described abt why i got injured. its part of my self training regime, the 100km cycling part. i was supposed to cycle from my place to pasir ris, to NP and to woodlands before going back home. but i got injured at e 70km part, just b4 NP where there's a long narrow pothole.

hmmm... my front wheel got stucked there and i was sent flying like a layout with my bike. did crouching in mid air to soften my landing and stretch my limbs out after landing to roll so i can reduce e injuries. amazingly my bike suffered no damages that will affect its performance. only its left handlebar grip was badly scratched. but i'm badly scratched and injured (refer top). after that i sat on e grass sidewalk of e road n recover. then i went to e nearby car shop n wash myself up n go to a restaurant and get some plasters to cover up my wounds.

went to NP n got to magnum clubhouse and waited for jessilym to open e clubhouse door (weicai was there too), took out a medic kit and did self treatment since they don't know how 2 deal with cuts. i did that countless of times when i used to work in www. well it was pretty hard at 1st as e alcohol swabs are painful on e big wounds but went numb later on (thats what i wanted). when they got numb i did further cleaning on it them then i cover them with plasters, big cut on my arm with big plaster and my knee with gauze n tape. took my late lunch after that then i rest for a while and i saw edmund (a lecturer who asked me to join triathlon club). hmm... he was kinda surprised tt i was injured. told him tt it was a pothole tt caused it then he nodded and left. on my way back (last 30km) was rejunivating but my cuts bled again cuz i was using force on those cuts.

bathed at home to clean myself n e wounds again (ouch they hurt badly). had a hard time bathing =( skipped magnum training since i'm injured, interview postponed to tomorrow morning. swim and run (except light jogging) will resume next week when e big cuts have closed up. cycling have to wait till e following week. anyway before cycling i have to replace 3 handlebar grips, one on left, other on right, another on aerobars. tomorrow gonna buy a new pair of tights cuz my current was torn due to e accident.

the main prob now is how am i gonna explain to my parents. i'm afraid that they will ban me from cycling. they are at work now, my mom will reach home soon, dad will reach later after midnight. crap...
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