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stupid drivers with no brains...

kns... i'm cycling down bedok reservoir rd when suddenly a lorry took over me just to enter tt carpark on e left. i'm cycling at abt 40km/h n can't u slow down(anyway lorry making a 90 deg turn will overturn at high speeds)? damn u forced me to e-brake n make a hard-turn alongside with u. i could felt my arms are rubbing on ur lorry's paintwork n i got a scratch... u r lucky tt i nv remember ur car plate.

another one. i was aero-gliding down jalan kayu road n this lorry abt 40m in front of me stopped for no reason n i'm travelling faster than 60km/hr couldn't brake in time n i have 2 overtake 20cm away left of u... almost lost my balance... knn

anyway's i intended to cycle 70km today but due to some complications including lost my way, and water and food supply was depleted, i have to cycle tt 60km route... but if i include my way lost in e roads then it'll be 65km. afterall its not bad.... 3hrs 10mins with traffic.

hmmm.. on e last 15km my whole handle bar tilted down... can't use tt aero-position anymore... waste my precious time to cycle back slowly than aero-positioning. fixed it at cheap john's(where i bought my bike at) in sembawang before going back home.

hmm... at home was a rush btw... cuz i'm 20min behind scheduled time. bathe, eat n gone for magnum training... lucky i'm not late. today did e same as ytd but include 360 twist elevator. hmm... haven't done tt for mths n i ended up using too much power on blasting it tt my flyer literately flew off my hands even with grip. n once i did a perfect 1 but ash couldn't catch it so roc pushed him aside n took over him on my extension 360 and landed an elevator on us. tt moment b4 i looked up was ash, n later i looked to front was roc... i was shocked... haha nice magic show man...

after training we went to al ahmeen to have dinner... so long nv go there eat le... but fun le... too bad mei didn't join us... but u came down to pei us after ur dinner... so gan dong sia... =) after dinner saw cinderine n aloysius having dinner near al ahmeen... omg so qiao arh... ah, felt so tired now... gtg slp. nitez =0 yawnz~
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