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forgotten pain, just train on...

been cycling quite alot recently... 1st day is 20km, 2nd day is 40km... today will be 70km. =) slowly i will reach tt whopping ironman 180km distance. hmmm... i haven't touched swimming for this week... better swim 1.5km tml before work tml.

bought my semi aero racer/TT Giant OCR 3 '05 at $890. added an aqua rack for $50 and an aerobar for $85. totalled exceeding $1000. and by 1st july i got to upgrade the wheelset and tyre to race standards for $480, by then my bike will cost $1500.

ytd training wif e juniors was nice... did ground up extended lib, moving elevator extension double take, and pryamid. not much prob... mei u have to trust urself otherwise u will have a hard time improving.
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