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cold life...

hmmm... crap that promoter job indeed belongs to JDL. i swear to the heavens that i will never work for them ever. well... e 1st day i've already quitted. haha. well.. tt means i'm jobless now. really miss those days in www, the fun and stuffs. plus e gd pay for e LG. haha. tml junlong and i r going 2 sportslink and world of sports (me going there again to claim back my probation). and maybe this weekend i'll call fullerton hotel again. i believe sportslink and world of sports pay is $4.50/hr and fullerton hotel is always $6/hr.

hmmm... how to earn $1300 in 6 weeks? lots of OT will do. but will they give OT to newcomers? i don't think so...hence, i would like to work for world of sports n sportslink in e morning to afternoon while fullerton hotel will be 5pm to 1130pm.

i've been slacking alot, i want work sia... plus i haven't tan yet due to job hunting. haiz... after nigel's long abscence i felt so cold, i could say he is e one who changed my life alot, he made me so enthu on multi-sports and outdoor sports. plus more activities initiated by him. and yea huiping, haven't talked to u for so long, i feel so alone. nobody to share feelings with...

tue's AM training, corliss, dun worry much abt me. i know that u r trying 2 keep me afloat but just pull me along will do. i will find a way to make myself afloat by myself. and abt drinking of water, aiyah nvm la... i know how 2 manage those water in my mouth.
did 1 man CPR. hmmm haven't read up and haven't done e correct one for months, and now i've been corrected. will do e perfect one next time.

connie... don't get angry about tt harsh words i said to u last week, real sorry lots. but now we're left with aloysius, august, u, ur sis, corliss n i for e trainings. nigel has went back to his previous instructor. miss him lots...

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