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nothing better to do

crazy tt i'm awake now. tml morning's DAD exam. what am i doing now? aye... got 2 earn $2500 in 3 mths... gotta make use of my 1 mth holidays earn as much as possible. $2000 for e bike, $500 for a loan repayment frm my dad.

biathlon pics are out. was admiring at mine... tink mine looks e best among all in e www gang... so action-packed. most hardworking pics goes to khoo... he ran until his facial expression turned haywire, like armagaddon's coming. e most relaxed goes to juraimee, he dosen't look tired at all, and he dosen't opens his mouth to breathe... omg... and to think his timing is like... 1 hr 56 mins... tt's very fast for such an expression.

*check out under NAVY Biathlon 2005.
type my name in e text box and search mine, but one of them is wrongly placed... e correct one is in e "unidentified participants" link, page 40, 2nd from top-left.

yesterday bought a pair of wristbands (blue & green) from standard chartered bank in woodlands civic plaza. its meant for a charity like LAF's "LiveStrong"(cancer) but its for e blind campaign called "seeing is believing" backed by e ex-olympian gold medalist runner Henry. he lost his sight one day after his sleep for an unknown reason.

*if it were u will u get freaked out in e morning, just when u wake up cannot see anything at all?

checked out e minimum timing required for national triathlon time trial to represent singapore for my adult category.

1.5km swim = ~20mins (have to improve another 20mins, mine is fairly slow and i don't know why)
10km run = ~40mins (just to improve another 10mins, easy huh? but my aim is 30mins =P)

or in any other combinations in less than 50min

hmmm... its already past midnight... gtg sleep. nites to anyone who is reading it =D
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