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singapore biathlon '05

practically sucks la... deproved le

anyway its an experience to enjoy and to learn. made certain major mistakes. and certain parts i shld have improved on.

swim time :       59min 01sec
run time :          1hr 2min 38sec
transition time : 01min 13sec
total time :        2hr 02min 52sec

advantages i have:

1)seawater makes me float easily, hence better hydrodynamic effiencicy and less panics
2)plenty of pacers around


1)of e 3 parts of e swim, e 2nd has a direct current pushing me backwards, and its e longest of e 3 parts
2)drinks lots of seawater
3)hot sun
4)slopes appear at unexpected places

mistakes i've made so far:

1)swam freestlye all e way when i know my freestyle isn't str8 (got 1 part i swarm 500m excessively)
2)relax n c wad is going on in e sea instead of concentrating on swim
3)did not wear socks (end up blisters one 5th km, broken on e 6th km)
4)trusing e water points (water points not far apart but water is too little and 6km onwards water supply is gone)
5)wear hard to dry tshirt for run on a hot morning

things to improve or change on for e next time:

1)every 10-20 strokes of freestyle, change to breaststoke to check my course of direction before going back to freestyle and repeat over and over again
2)concentrate on swim and not abt others in e sea
3)include socks for run
4)bring your own waistpouch for water bottles
5)wear cooling, bright and sweat transfer tshirt like dri-fit
6)bring more istonic drinks and store at least 2 of them in my bag unopened, and 2 for race.
7)bring an umbrella in case it rains after e event
8)maybe include an mp3 player for e run (optional)

after e comp i felt dizzy then extreme aching on e calfs tt i couldn't stand from sitting position. need 2 pull myself up. walking was a chore. queing for goodies bag is long. but i felt so much more accomplished than before. juraimi asked me abt e stinging pains while swimming. it isn't tt painful so i assume its sea worms bite. can't be e spores frm seaweeds as e pain last for minutes to hours only. as for e seaweeds e pains would last for days.

and yea... all my sch swim team peeps din win me... haha. but i'm e last peep in www. =( i believe my removing my mistakes i can improve alot and maybe beat them. khoo will be my ultimate target as he is 1/2hr faster than me for overall timing.

time to train my run up to 30km by july, while increasing my speed for 10km. after trained on track, it time to train on roadside terrian so tt i can taper myself for e actual competition.
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